About Us

We are individuals who have learnt to cope and molded our lives to honour God's will. From abject surrender, to reluctant acceptance through to the celebration of the joy that is our children: we have walked the path. In this long and arduous journey, we have learnt, we have experienced, we have met people who have extended their healing hands. Experiences, that we want to share with other parents, so that together, we can sing the song of celebration.

Our Mission

To identify and empower, each differentially able child, to reach his / her full potential, so that the flowers created by God may reach full bloom. To help the children realise their truest potentials as normal human beings by overcoming the obstacles

Our Vision

To take a holistic approach by providing multi-pronged, multi-disciplinary care and guidance to each child to help him / her strengthen their skill sets with a view towards equipping them to face life on their own terms.

Spread The Cheer

They don't need your compassion. They don't need your sympathy. What they hunger for, is your affection, your love. If you want to reach out and be the agent of transformation, please feel free to call us the children are ever eager to welcome friends into their world

What is Autism

Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by the impairment of social interaction and communication, often charecterised by restricted and repetitive behavior. There are various ways such children can be trained to overcome their deficiencies and lead normal lives and treatment has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last so many years with remarkable success rates.